Thursday, March 7, 2013

Aubrey's Adventures

Aubs has had lots of adventures in the last few months. She has absorbed lots of changes like a champ. 

She got a new bed. 

She loves going to bed. When I say naptime or bedtime, she runs toward the stairs yelling, "Nigh-nigh!" After she gets ready for bed she can not wait for John and I to leave. She burrows under her blankets and sings herself to sleep. 

She got a new booster seat at the table. She wanted her baby to try it out first. 

Aubrey does great with eating. We're still working on not throwing food and keeping milk right side up, but it's nice to have a full table. 

She loves SuperWhy! and got to meet AlphaPig. Sadly, Mommy forgot to bring the camera. But we got a picture of her with her SuperWhy! mask. 

She still loves the camera. 


  1. SOOOOOOO cute. She looks so much like you Sara! I wish I could hang out with you guys!!!

  2. She is so stinking cute in her big bed! Love these pics.