Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Aubrey had a lot of fun with at card that Grandma Janis sent her.

I know it might not look like she's having fun, but she really was! 

We had a great thanksgiving. We cooked the turkey for a get together with four other couples. It was really fun and it turned out delicious. We brined the turkey, which we had never done before. But it was pretty easy and made the turkey so juicy and flavorful. It was awesome. 

We were going to take a family trip to Williamsburg, but Aubrey has gotten a little cold and it kind of miserable. Plus I'm really nervous with her sick and don't want it to get any worse. So we didn't take our trip. We worked on Christmas presents and decorating instead. It has been a nice weekend hanging out as a family. 


So, a little while ago I was looking through this blog and realized that there are no pictures of Aubrey smiling. So I wanted to post a picture of her darling smile, lest you think we are no fun. I couldn't really catch a picture, so I had to get a video. This video is also apt since Aubs is usually smiling when she eats. She loves her food now! She eats baby food for three meals a day with bottles in between.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Aubrey's Aerobics

Aubrey is rolling all over and moving a lot. She is working really hard to try to get up on all fours. Sometimes this gets her stuck, particularly in her crib:

So far, she hasn't been upset by getting her legs stuck. John had to wake her up from a nap the other day. She had been laying with her face on her hands and found her like this:

She didn't seem really upset by that either. The cranky face is because she got woken up from her nap. 

We look forward to the time when she can get wherever she wants...