Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aubrey Updates

In December, we found out that Aubrey needed glasses. It was a bit of an ordeal finding some frames that would work for her, but we did. I even decided to get pink, so people would stop thinking she's a boy. It's kind of working. 
Aubrey also got a high chair for Christmas and eats all her meals in it. She has started working on drinking from a cup.
She watched her first Super Bowl.
She had her first Valentine cookie.
She finally wore the sweet sweater Aunt Jamie made her.
She learned how to giggle.
And she learned how to crawl and climb.
Aubrey is keeping us busy and we are all looking forward to her 1st birthday!


  1. She is an absolute DOLL! So fun to see her growing up. I can't believe how big she is now and crawling? Watching those videos makes me excited for #2, which I need since pregnancy is so sucky. Sara- I see so much of your family in her. I'm sure she has lots of John's family too, I just don't really know what they look like. Congratulations on your transition to TX. Hopefully we'll cross paths soon in Calgary.

  2. So cute!! THe sweater fits - sort of! :) Adorable baby you have. The videos don't work for me. :(

  3. oh, her little glasses are SO cute. we miss you guys. glad you're all settled in TX.