Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Trip to the North

My sister, Amy, got married on Aug. 19 in Cardston, Alberta. (Congrats!  Welcome to the family, Charles!) So we went to stay with my parents in Calgary for about a week. We got to help test all the desserts, put up the tulle, and set the tables. In case you're wondering, testing the desserts was the most fun part! My mom did a dessert bar for Amy's reception and it was absolutely amazing.

Aubrey and Mommy ready for the wedding
It turns out Aubrey is a great traveler. I was getting pretty nervous about the 2 flights and a layover each way. We had bottles and soothers and blankets and extra clothes and diapers all ready for the trip. We had some of everything in the carry-ons in case we got delayed or lost our luggage. But we didn't need to worry too much. Aubrey really did so well. She mostly slept once we got going. She was so patient with layovers and waiting for luggage.

Aubrey got to meet all her aunts and uncles on that side and lots of other relatives. Everyone was so excited to see her. She got passed around quite a bit, which made me sort of nervous. But she didn't seem to mind it at all. She is pretty friendly and likes people. She was just starting to smile and giggle a bit when we were leaving. So it was perfect timing.

Aubrey loved staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandma has lots of fun toys.


  1. How fun to get to show Aubrey off to all of your relatives. Congrats to your sister Amy!

  2. Sara - you are looking amazing. And little Aubrey is so adorable.